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About us

Set in the beauitful countryside opposite Dunnottar Castle. Halymyres Stables start life as a riding school in 2003, throughout lockdown of 3 years this led us 
to review the riding school, convert to a loan system and branch out into assisted therapy to reach and support more individuals and their families. By starting Halymyres Healing Horses we aim to support individuals with confidence and challenges they may be facing such as:

* Social Relationships
* Lack of confidence
* Depression 
* Eating disorders
* Autism
* Addictive behaviours
* Lack of self esteem
* Physical or learning disabilities
* Just time out for you !!

We offer a supportive safe enviorment on a one to one basisor small group sessionswith some of our horses allowing you to connect, open up and build on your confidence through grooming and groundwork workshops. Suitable for all ages and abilities from beginner pre school children to adults with no experience to advance experience with horses.

What is horse healing?

Equine Therapy involves children and adults interacting to help premote physical and emotional growth.
Healing horses is therefore designed to give individuals with any physical health issues, mental health issues or disability the chance to have an outlet for their emotions. Healing horses gives you a safe, quiet enviroment to work in grooming and bonding with the horse.
A groundwork session where we progress to working with the horses in the arena through a range of exercises.

Get to know your horses
We use the same group of horses and ponies each session so you can continually build up your realationship, trust and confidence with each other. You will develop trust and groth each time you come building happiness , trust and love for life.

Grooming and Interacting sessions
Learn how to groom your pony/horse and have hands on experience of interacting with them.

Groundwork sessions
Learn how to put on a headcollar and work the horses through groundwork exercises in hand (on the ground) building on your confidence and bond with the horses.

Our sessions 
one to one grooming and interacting session 30 minutes £30.00
one to one grooming and groundwork session 45 minutes £45.00
small group/ family grooming session 30 minutes £20.00 each person 
small group/family groundwork session 45 minutes £30.00 each person 

To book please call us on 01569 762310 or mobile 07887541298 (Lorna)




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