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Summer Livery

Livery (Prices are per month), discounts for more than one horse)

Grass livery   £170 per month

Grass livery + stable (summer only)  £215 per month (Including bedding and Haylage)

Part DIY summer livery (summer only ) £ 245 per month    

Full livery £470

Winter Livery

Grass Livery £170
DIY       £325 per month  (which includes turnout , take in and feeding am and pm)

Full Livery  £470 per month

Livery Extra charges 

Convert to Full Livery per day £15

Attend the vet/ farrier £15

Worming/ feeding/ change rugs £7.50 per service 


1/2 hour private lesson £35.00
45 minute private lesson £45.00
1/2 hr semi private lesson £30.00
45 minute semi private lesson £40.00
1 hour adult group £31.00
1 hour child group £27.50

All livery prices include haylage ad lib haylage in the winter and summer 
  (also given to grass livery if required)in the summer)

Livery Types

Grass— Grazing and haylage provided as required.  Horses checked once daily.  Tie-up area available  for use.

DIY-  Horses fed in morning/evening, turned out/brought in. Haylage and woodchip bedding  provided.

Part DIY—  Horses fed , rugs changed once daily, either turned out or  brought in. Haylage and woodchip bedding provided.

Full— Horses turned out and brought in and fed twice daily.  Rugs changed once daily.  Horse mucked out (deep litter only) and bedded.  Legs washed off if necessaryLivery Facilities


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